A Short History of Madison Civics Club      Past Civics Club Programs

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In the winter of 1912, women’s right to vote was being considered by both Congress and state legislatures. Locally, this proposal had met with strong opposition in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and it was resoundingly defeated. Five Madison women, all activists in the women’s suffrage movement, formed a study group to develop ways of formulating their ideas for positive social legislation and to provide active support for such proposals. The five founding members each invited three more women who had demonstrated a civic awareness to join in the study group, and each of these invited three more to join. The first meeting of the group was in September of 1913 and took place in a member’s home. It was organized along the lines of the existing Men’s Saturday Lunch Club, with a social luncheon followed by the discussion of a current topic or matter of civic interest. Seventy-five women attended the first luncheon meeting, and the Madison Civics Club was off to a good start.

The membership was carefully chosen. Each candidate, it was said, “must be brainy and outstanding in her own right, and must have developed a civic conscience.” Study groups were formed, speakers were invited to address the Club, and topics of local interest were presented in forum fashion followed by general discussion. By its tenth year the Club was considered an active and crusading organization of many accomplishments. In 1919 the Civics Club proposed that the city build a civic center and auditorium to accommodate large groups and offer hospitality, but the city was concerned with issues of planning and finance and did not follow through. By 1924 Civics Club membership had grown so large that meetings were moved to the Loraine Hotel and a waiting list for membership was begun.  Club meetings had shifted focus from discussion of local issues to that of a general forum for ideas. Nationally known speakers were invited to address the Club on their topics of expertise. In 1937 the Club celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with a public meeting at the University Field House and heard Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt speak to an audience of 5,000 on the topic of “Youth in a World of Turmoil.”

With the exception of the period during World War II, the Club has met regularly and has continued to grow. Four or five luncheon meetings are held each Club season. In 1963 the site of the luncheon meetings was moved to the Park Motor Inn on the Capitol Square. By 1997, increasing membership caused another move to the newly constructed Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. It was considered highly appropriate for the Civics Club to hold its meetings there as such a facility had been proposed much earlier by Club members.

Today the Madison Civics Club is open to both men and women. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome. The Club functions with a Board of officers and committee chairs who take pride in the Club’s commitment to providing stimulating speakers, recognition of outstanding young individuals and youth organizations, and the betterment of our local communities. The Madison Civics Club, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011-2012, continues its long tradition of civic responsibility and public engagement.

Past Civics Club Programs    Short History

Meetings held at Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

Co-Chair:  Julie Fagan, Trish Iaccarino
John Gurda - History of Milwaukee
Michael Wagner - Deciding What's True in a Polarized Society
Jason Fletcher - Molecular Me:  Exploring the Social Implications of the Genomics Revolution
Rita Bhatnagar  - A Hopeful Roadmap through the Opioid Crisis

2017-18  Things We All Should Know (But May Not Yet)
Co-Chairs:  Julie Fagan, Greg Iaccarino, Trish Iaccarino
Elizabeth Cline - The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
Patricia McConnell - The Education of Will: From Troubled Dogs to Recovery from Trauma
Kathy Cramer - Responding to Resentment as Our Best Civic Selves
John Nichols - It's Not Trump:  Our Political Crisis Did Not Begin with this President

2016-17 Taking a Closer Look
Chair: Miranda Salguero
Charles Franklin – The 2016 Elections in Wisconsin and the Nation
Erin Winkler – Rethinking Racism:  Why How We Think and Talk about Race Matters
Richard Halverson – Reinventing Schools of Education: A Social Capital Strategy for Building the Capacity to Transform Public Education
Dee Hall – Water Quality in Wisconsin, and More from the Center on Investigative Journalism

2015-16 Imagine the Possibilities...
Chair: Linda Berman
Mimi Gardner Gates – Impact of Museums on Civic Life of a Community
Jonathan Overby – Inclusion—A Way of Life
Rebecca Blank – Shaping the Future of UW–Madison
Jessica Fellowes – Downton Abbey—A Celebration

2014-15 Civil Discourse in a Changing Society                                   
Co-Chairs: Kristi Williams / Boris Frank
Parker Palmer – Healing the Heart of Democracy
Jackie Joyner-Kersee – Overcoming Obstacles
Joan Goldsmith – Resolving Conflicts to Build Healthy Relationships
Jim Leach – The Frailty of Today's Civil Society

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

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2013-14 Weaving the Fabric of Life with Compassion, Integrity and Hope
Co-Chairs: Barbara Gerlach / Carole Kretschman
Enrique Morones – Border Angels, Border Realities and Immigration Today
Ruth DeYoung Kohler – Saving Wisconsin Treasures: The Art of Vernacular Environment Builders
Simone Campbell, SSS – Candor and Compassion: Keys to Life and Federal Policy
Erroll B. Davis, Jr. – Educating Our Children Should Not Be This Difficult

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2012-13 Individual Rights and Societal Responsibilities
Co-Chairs: Kristi Shepard / Johanna Allex
Major General Marcia M. Anderson – Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History
Dr. Richard Davidson – The Emotional Life of Your Brain
Christine Brennan – The Effect of Title IX
Daniel Okrent – Prohibition: How Did That Happen?

Christine Brennan

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2011-12 Celebrating 100 years of Engaging Minds

Co-Chairs: Laura McFadden / Kristi Williams
Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano – The Role We All Play: Homeland Security in the 10 Years since 9/11
Gwen Ifill – Politics, Policy and Reality – What’s Really Going on in Washington
U.W. Chief of Police Susan Riseling – Between Protestors and Politicians
Prof. Joel Rogers – Rebuilding the Middle Class

2010-11 Living in Community: The Connections We Share
Co-Chairs: Kathy Johnson / Clare McArdle
Ruth Reichl – Why We Cook
John McKnight – Neighborhood Connections: The Heart of Powerful Communities and Effective Democracies
Jenny Greer – International Relations: How to Expand Your Sphere of Influence
Dr. Zorba Paster – The Longevity Code: How to Live a Long Sweet Life

2009-10 Defying the Odds: When They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
Co-Chairs: Eve Galanter / Nancy Young
Helen Thomas – The View from the Front Row of the White House Press Room
Brad Cohen – Overcoming Obstacles and Winning the Game of Life
Julia Bolz – Bringing Education, Hope and Opportunity to Afghanistan
Jacki Lyden – Writing a New Narrative: Translations from Mental Illness
Dr. Timothy Cordes – How I See Possibilities

2008-09 Generation Next: We Can Learn from Them
Co-Chairs: Marcia Anderson / Patsy Evans
Jonah Edelman – We’re in this Together or You’re on your Own: The Answer Will Determine Our Future
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin – Federal Efforts to Improve the Quality of Life for Future Generations
Azadeh Moaveni – Global Culture and American Youth: What Does it Mean for our Future?
Dennis Dresang – Grandparents and Homies: The Surprising Relationships Between Younger Adults and Young Gang Members
Anastasia Goodstein – Forces Shaping Generation Next: How Tweens/Teens are Wired

2007-08 Over the Back Fence: Perspectives from Our Neighbors
Chair: Cheryl Furstace Daniels
Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique’s Journey
Rami George Khouri – A Fair and Balanced View from the Arab World
Kathy Hughes – Beyond Gaming: Wisconsin Tribes in the 21st Century
Lena Taylor – Milwaukee - Its Perils and Promises
Michael F. Kergin - Weathering the Canada–US Relationship: Sunshine and Squalls

2006-07 Opening Minds, Engaging Community
Co-Chairs: Connie Burmeister / Ruth Martin
Robert W. McChesney – Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times
Senator Russell Feingold – Thoughts about Post 9/11 Policy Issues Abroad
Naomi Oreskes – Science and Controversy: Big News Once Again
Lois Jenson – Making History and Leading the Way
Jehane Noujaim – Different Channels, Different Truths

2005-06 The Courage of Their Convictions: One Who Risks Makes a Difference
Chair: Marcia MacKenzie
David Maraniss – Moral Convictions – Roberto Clemente, the Hero
Dane Co. Exec. Kathleen Falk – Environmental Activism: Then and Now
Daniel Ellsberg – Whistle-blowing as a Moral Imperative
Paul Rusesabagina – Hotel Rwanda: Lessons Yet to be Learned
Randy Cohen – The Good, the Bad and the Difference: How to Tell Right from Wrong in Everyday Situations

2004–05 The Potential and Power of the Human Spirit
Chair: Debra Glenn
Dr. Mary Ellen Weber – The Pioneering Spirit
John Crowley – The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Hermane Boone – The Competitive Spirit
Rick Bragg – The Spirit of Survival
Erin Gruwell – The Spirit of Giving

2003-04 Rights and Justice
Chair: Nancy Schultz
Margaret Warner – Terrorism and Individual Rights
Howard Zehr – Restorative Justice
Ruben Navarrette – Hispanic Issues
Linda Greene – Racial Justice
Juliet Schor – Children and Justice

2002-03 The American Dream
Chair: Lynn Stathas
Harry Wu – Freedom of Speech
Judith Miller – Freedom from Fear
Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson – Judicial Independence
Diana Eck – Freedom to Worship
Dr. David Satcher – Freedom from Want

2001-02 Communicating through the Arts
Chair: Mary Moen
Peter Bogdanovich – Who the Devil Made It?
David Considine – Literacy in the Media Era
Dave Master – Developing Young Artists: A Personal, Principled, Professional Pathway
John Roach – From Concept to Showtime: Random Thoughts on the Creative Process
Karlos Moser – Don’t Survive Opera–Enjoy It!

2000-01 Holding on to our Humanity
Chair: Linda Shriberg
Ray Suarez – The Old Neighborhood: A Search from 21st Century Community and How Local Heroes Are Changing America
B. Gentry Lee – Science and Humanity: A Look Back and Forward
James Paul Gee – How Literacy Makes Us New Kinds of People
James Alan Fox – A Few Bad Apples: Youth Violence in Schools and Communities
Dr. Sherwin Nuland – Life, Death and the Human Spirit

1999-2000 Making a Difference in the 21st Century
Chair: Isabel J. Hubbard (Mrs. Allan)
Juan Williams – Media in America: Part of the Problem or the Solution?
Rudy Maxa – The Savvy Traveler in the 21st Century
Shiela Kast – A View from Capitol Hill
Dr. William Perloff – Shaken Baby Syndrome: Untrue Defenses and the Medical Expert
Frank Cappiello – The New American Economy View from Wall Street

1998-99 Our Legacy, Hope and Vision for the New Millennium
Chair: Sharon Baker (Mrs. Robert)
Ralph Nader – Government, Corporations, and the Environment
Tad Pinkerton – Communication and Computer Technology
Geoffrey Canada – Our Children’s Future: Building a Safer, Saner Community
Patricia Ann Palmieri – All Our Kin: The American Family – Its History and Future
Michael Dukakis – The Future of Health Care

1997-98 Ethical Dilemmas in the New Century
Chair: Carolyn White (Mrs. Ron)
Edward Asner – The Entertainment Industry and its Responsibility to Society
Sylvia Earle – Sea Change: The Future of Our Oceans
Dr. Norman Fost – Genetic Engineering
Georgie Anne Geyer – Americans No More: The Death of Citizenship
Richard Thornburgh – Judicial Ethics in America

Luncheon Meetings Held at the Motor Park Inn

1996-97 Are We Not All Children? Trajectory Toward the Future
Chair: Virginia Henderson (Mrs. Perry)
Jonathan Kozol – Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children in the Conscience of a Nation
Beverly Coleman Miller – Children and Your Community: New Day Thinking
Virginia Hinshaw – An Incredible Journey into the World of Viruses: From Polio to AIDS in One Generation
Gloria Ladson-Billings – Public Education for the Public Good
Randall Robinson – The Future of the World’s Children

1995-96 Celebrating Women
Chair: Alice Benn (Mrs. Donald)
Jane Albright-Dieterle – Women in Athletics: Over the Hurdles, on the Right Track
Lynn Sherr – Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony In Her Own Words
Barbara Reynolds – The Promise, The Peril of Strong Women
Judith Viorst – Loves, Longings and Wicked Thoughts: Writing for Adults and Children
Doris Kearns Goodwin – No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II

1994-95 Community: Exploring Commitments and Connections
Chair: Lisa Smith (Mrs. Wrede)
Reverend Sandra Wilson – Communitarianism: Rights and Responsibilities
Sue Bender – Plain and Simple: A Journey to the Amish
Dr. Paul P. Carbone – Current Developments in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
Chief Wilma Mankiller – Chief: A Cherokee Woman’s Story
Mike Farrell – An Exchange of Views: Human Rights

1993-94 Where in the World Are We?
Chair: Mary Brennan (Mrs. Robert)
Joel Kotkin – Race, Religion and Family Determine Success
Blandina Cardenas-Ramirez – Developing Community Education
Neil C. Livingstone – Fundamentalist and Global Resurgence
Taffy McCallum – South Africa: Land of Hope
Gary Sheperd – Covering the World’s Hot Spots

1992-93 Closing the Generation Gap
Chair: Barbara Arnold (Mrs. Fred)
Terry Rohe – Generations Together
Lawrence Kutner – Parent-Child Communication
Julianne Malveaux – Intergenerational Economics
Kitty Carlisle Hart – The Arts Belong to Everyone
David Liederman – Children and Seniors

1991-92 Looking Beyond the ‘90’s
Chair: Fannie Frazier Hicklin
C. Kermit Phelps – Aging Gracefully
Roland S. Homet, Jr. – Mobilizing American Democracy
Roy A. Koenigsknecht – Tell Me Your Zip Code
Susan Eisenhower – The Soviet Union
Filomina Chioma Steady – Women in Africa

1990-91 The Global ‘90’s
Chair: Mary Evert (Mrs. Ray)
John Dancy – International Issues
Angela Stent – Europe After German Unification
Norman Glickman – Foreign Investors
Robin Wright – The Middle East
Nien Cheng – Life and Death in Shanghai

1989-90 A Sense of Place
Chair: Carol Toussaint (Mrs. John)
Ernest L. Boyer – The Undergraduate Experience
Jeff Greenfield – Media Masters or Slaves
Susan Stitt – Money, Monument or Memory
William Cronon – Landscape and Home Traditions in Wisconsin
Jerrold and Leona Schecter – Glasnost and Perestroika

1988-89 The Power of Ideas
Chair: Shirley Inhorn (Mrs. Stanley)
Eleanor Clift – The Washington Landscape
Lorna Kelly – Rags to Riches and Beyond
Arthur Frommer – New Ideas in Travel
Sue Estoff – Pills, Politics and Purposeful Lives

1987-88 75th Anniversary Program
The Honorable Lee Sherman Dreyfus – The American Mission and Women’s Role

Chair: Louise Scott (Mrs. John K.)
Michael Frome – An Environmentalist Prescribes for A World of Peace and Love
Dennis O’Leary – The Changing Health Care Environment
Anne-Imelda Radice – The Development of the National Museum of Women in The Arts
Rhoda Karpatkin – Women as Consumers Annual themes introduced by Chairs

1986-87 Countess Bianca Lovatelli – Manners and Mannerisms
Chair: Dorothy Smith (Mrs. Robert)
James C. Humes – Confessions of a White House Ghost
Myron Jones – American Education: The Road to Excellence
John Burns – South Africa and American National Security
Talat S. Holman – Middle East Crucible: Hostages, Holy War and Hope?

Chair: Alma Baron (Mrs. Lee)
Philip Rubin – The View of The Communications Revolution
Frederick Newman – A View from The Ledge
Ann Blackman/Max Pitzell – A View from The Nation’s Capitol
King Richard of Tunisia – A View of The Oil Situation in The Mid-East
Bella Abzug – A View of Women’s Progress

Chair: Peggy Sherry (Mrs. Toby)
Peter Krough – Creativity in Foreign Policy
Arianna Stassinopoulos – Character as Destiny
Prof. Carl Cohen – Assumptions About Race: What Discriminations Are Just?
Nina Hyde – Silk: From Marco Polo to Modern Marvels
Dorothy De Bolt – Taking a Risk on Love, Laughter and 20 Kids

Chair: Lois Dick (Mrs. Robert)
Dr. William Schneider – Politics: The Outlook for 1984
Les Brown – TV on Fast Forward
Georgie Ann Geyer – A Foreign Correspondent Looks at The World
Hope Milahop – From Opera to Uproar
Edie Adams – My Life in Music

Chair: Ann Peckham (Mrs. Ben)
Susan Willens – Through The Passages of Poetry
Hedrick Smith – The Washington Scene
Ambassador José Sorzans – U.S. Mission to The U.N.
Prof. Don Walsh – Seafaring America: Sinking or Swimming
Dr. George Gerbner – Television: Message Behind the Message

Chair: Charlotte Spohn (Mrs. James)
Joseph John Jova – A Perspective on U.S.-Mexican Relations
Grace Halsell – A Journey to Jerusalem
Dena Kaye – The Traveling Woman
Walter Sullivan – The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
Marc Pachter – As Others Saw Us: Travelers to 19th Century America

Chair: Jane Coleman (Mrs. Reed)
Brendan Gill – Saving The Word in The World of Hype
Countess of Romanones – An American in Spain
Charles Osgood – End of The World…Details at Eleven
David Broder – The Political World of The 80’s
Dr. Domeena Renshaw – Coping with Loneliness

Chair: Velma Hamilton (Mrs. Harry)
Jenkin Lloyd Jones – Growing Up in Madison
Louis Bohmrich – The Strange Triangle: China, America, and Russia
Julian Bond – What’s Next for America
Susan Massie – Making Commitments for Yourself
Mel Lavine – America the Undiscovered

Chair: Betty Kurtenacker (Mrs. Robert)
Joan Fontaine – America
Christoper Lehmann-Haupt – How to Read 30,000 Books a Year
Leon Martel – A Think Tank Predicts the Next 200 Years
Emily Genauer – The Walls Are Falling
John D. Callaway – TV News: You Don’t Have To Take It Sitting Down

Chair: Annetta Rosser (Mrs. J. Barkley)
Robert Evans – Oil Is Power
John Peer Nugent – Africa: The Darkening Continent
Carol Mathews – What You Can Learn from the Stock Market
Roger Caras – Man, Animal, and The Planet We Share
Antonia Brico – Antonia: The Woman and The Artist

Chair: Marjorie Davenport (Mrs. Gordon)
David Atlee Phillips – Secret Intelligence – An American Dilemma
Clare Hollingworth – Women in Peking
Ralph Salerno – Organized Crime: How It Works – How it Affects You
Jim Thorne – Mysteries of Inner Space
Richard Valeriani – Future Shape of America’s Foreign Policy

Chair: Marcy Gill (Mrs. Charles)
Robert Novak – Energy: The Political and Economic Crisis
Wendell Garrett – Living with Beauty: Collecting American Antiques
Sander Vanocur – Who Really Nominates Our President?
Susan B. Anthony – What Do Women Really Want?
Dr. I. M. Levitt – A Scientist Looks at UFOs

Chair: Carla Smith (Mrs. Weber)
Louis Rukeyser – What’s Ahead for The Economy?
Sarah McLendon – Washington Is My Beat
Lenore Romney – The Biology of The Twentieth Century
Henry Butley – The City Within The City – The Metropolitan Opera
Laura Nader – Women and Jurisprudence

Chair: Joyce Bartell (Mrs. Gerald)
Bob Woodward – Watergate: An Investigative Reporter Reports
Frank Gillard – New Frontiers in Broadcasting
Dr. William C. Dement – The Incredible World of Sleep
David Schoenbrun – The Middle East Power Struggle
Brian O’Doherty – ‘70s Art: Problems and Issues

Chair: Helen Matheson Rupp (Mrs. Earl)
The Rev. Hosea Williams – An American Looks at China
Fred Warshofsky – The Control of Life
Jon Lindbergh – Man Dives Deep
Nila Magidoff – My Discovery of America
Henry Morgan – You Call This Living?

Chair: Betty Vaughn (Mrs. Charles)
Reid Buckley – Does Liberalism Doom Society?
Lord Caradon – New Hope in The United Nations
Robert LaFollette Bennett – Our Most Neglected Minority: The American Indian
James Dugdale – Art at Auction
Edward P. Morgan – Where Do We Go From Here?

Chair: Rosalie Mayer (Mrs. Oscar, Jr.)
Dr. John R. Searle – Social Unrest as Reflected in The College Community
John Hlavacek – Turmoil in The Middle East
Dr. Merril Eisenbud – Power, Its Future Source and Effect on Environment
Caroline Bird – The Role of The Modern Women
Alex Haley – Saga of Black Heritage

Chair: Fannie Taylor
The Hon. Stewart L. Udall – Conservation in Transition
Brendan Gill – The Theater of the Seventies
Albert Bush-Brown – The Urban Deformity: A Failure in Social Invention and Inverted Priorities
Edwin Newman – A Television Reporter Looks at The News
Nancy Hanks – Private and Public Partnership for The Arts

Chair: Martha Reynolds (Mrs. John)
C. Northcote Parkinson – Crisis in Education
Robert St. John – What Next in South America
Admiral James Calvert – On the Threshold of a New World
Betty Bruce and Jack Leslie Melville – Africa Today: What Price Progress?
Robert E. Lee – Plays, Players, Playwrights

Chair: Marian Wilke (Mrs. Horace)
Mrs. Orville L. Freeman – War on Hunger
Sherman Maisel – The New Economics
Julius Bloom – A New Look at America’s Cultural Ferment
Mme. Ratan K. Nehru – The New Women of India
C. David Locks – Crisis in the Cities: Choice vs. Change

Chair: Faye Little (Mrs. Kenneth)
Hon. Halvard Lange – NATO in a Changing World
Harold Taylor – The Transformation of Education
Dr. Richard Gardner – World Peace Through World Law
Dr. Ralph Lapp – Can Democracy Survive Science?
Mme. Anna Chennault – Today in Asia

Chair: Hazel Alberson
Winston S. Churchill – The Changing Face of European Politics
Alvin Toffler – America’s Cultural Coming of Age
Dr. Anup Singh – New Social Forces in India
Dr. Thomas Melady – Africa and the Revolution of Color
U.S. Representative Patsy T. Mink – Women in Politics

Chair: Lorraine Orchard (Mrs. Kenneth)
Dr. Luna B. Leopold – Conservation, 1964
Arnold Michaelis – Behind the Scenes in World Diplomacy
Cleveland Amory – TV, the Medium Medium
Dr. Han Suyin – The Many Faces of Asia
Dr. Richard McLanathan – The American Tradition in The Arts

Chair: Freda Winterble (Mrs. Keys)
Dr. Richard C. Armour – Laughing at Ourselves
Grace Holmes Barbey – Women in a World of Social Change
Judge Phillip Gulliam – The Surge to Decency
Admiral David Tyree – Why Are We in Antarctica?
Howard Sochurek – A Reappraisal of Latin American Policies

Meetings held at Loraine Hotel

1962-63 50th Anniversary Program
Honored guests; founding member Mary Orvis and original member Mrs. J.S. Donald
Time Weaves a Tapestry, written by Robert Gard and Katherine Axley

Chair: Mrs. James G. Woodburn
Eleanor Foster Dulles – The U.S. and The Challenge of The Common Market
Malcolm Muggeridge – A Fool’s Eye View of The World
David M. Gates – Space, Science, and Society
Francis Robinson – Opera in America
William H. Stringer – Washington Report

Chair: Miss Caryl Regan
Thomas Mitchell – The Liveliest Art
Prof. Coleman Woodbury – The Changing American Cities: Problems and Possibilities
Santha Rama Rau – New Voices in The Far East
Stewart Alsop – Looking Forward
Marie Torre – Who’s Responsible for the TV We See?

Chair: Mrs. Ira Baldwin
Sir Leslie Munro – The U.N.: Hope for a Divided World
Harrison Salisbury – The Coming Conflict between Russia and China
The Honorable Anthony Wedgwood Benn – Britain Without Empire
Virgilia Peterson – Reflections on a Changing World
Thomas C. Mendenhall – Quality and Equality in American Education

Chair: Mrs. John E. Wise
Vincent Price – Enjoyment of Great Art
Vera Micheles Dean – Anti-Westernism: Cause and Cure
Sydney Harris – How to Read a Newspaper
Edmund W. Tabell – Investing in Today’s Stockmarket
Walter Weisman – The Informed Citizen

Chair: Mrs. Walter P. Ela
Felix Greene – Inside Red China Today
Harry S. Ashmore – Report from Little Rock
David Schoenbrun – As France Goes
Henry Lee Smith Jr. – Language Is More than Words
General Sir John Glubb – A Soldier with the Arabs

Chair: Mrs. Thomas R. Hefty
Deems Taylor – Today in the World of Music
Louis Fischer – Troubled Communism
Arthur C. Clarke – The Making of a Moon
Ashley Montagu – The Natural Superiority of Women
Prince Constantine of Bavaria – United Europe and World Security

Chair: Mrs. Ray A. Brown
Chester V. Easum – Germany at the Crossroads
Edward Weeks – In the Editor’s Chair
Cornelis Willem de Kiewiet – Recipe for Disaster (South African Problem)
Richard Gump – Jade, Jewels and Junk
Dr. Gerald Wendt – The Atom and You

Chair: Mrs. Harrison L. Garner
Harold C. Hunt – Looking Ahead: Some Crucial Issues in American Education
General Carlos Romulo – America’s Stake in Asia
Frank Flynn – Juvenile Delinquency: Whose Responsibility?
Eddy Gilmore – Report on Europe
Jessica Dragonette – A Singer Speaks

Chair: Mrs. Willard Lowe
Henry Shapiro – The Struggle for Western Europe
Robert Kazmayer – The Challenge That Is America
Perle Mesta – My Life in Four Capitals
Marguerite Higgins – The World Is My Beat
David Atlee Phillips – Which Way Latin America?

Chair: Mrs. George H. Johnson
Dorothy Thompson – Our World Today
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey – Opportunity on Our Toes
John Mason Brown – Seeing Things
Cecil Beaton – Quest for Beauty
Princess Illeana – What Freedom Means to Me

Chair: Mrs. Conrad Elvehjem
Nora Waln – How America Stands in Europe
Dr. Bernard Iddings Bell - Crowd Culture in America
Bennett Cerf – Changing Styles in American Humor
Major George Racey Jordon – Blundering Away Our Arsenal of Democracy
Mrs. Alan Kirk – Life in Russia Today

Chair: Mrs. Frances Lamb
Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi – Is Russia Ready for the Final Showdown?
Carlos Fallon – A Policy for the Hemisphere
Mary Booth Johnson – Around the World in the Brigantine Yankee
Rear Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias – Today’s World, Tomorrow’s World
Countess Waldeck – Europe Between the Acts
David Ffolkes – Curtain going up

Chair: Miss Charlotte Wood
Kermit Roosevelt – The Struggle for Southeast Asia
Joan Smith – A Britisher Looks at America
Colonel Vasili Kotov – An Ex-Communist Looks at Russia
John K. McCaffrey – Writers of Today
Joseph Callaway – Broadway Play by Play

Meetings cancelled because of the war.

Chair: Mrs. J. S. Supernaw
Anne O’Hare McCormick – Ourselves and Europe
Charlotte Gower – Six Months in a Japanese Prison Camp
William Upson – How to Be Lazy
T. A. Raman – India
Henry C. Wolfe – Searchlight on the Pacific

Chair: Mrs. Don Anderson
Jay Allen – My Trouble with Hitler
Nelson Rockefeller – The American Republics
James Young – Can Japan Win?
Norman Cousins – A Review of Current Literature
Margaret Bourke-White – Lenses Behind the News
Fulton Lewis Jr. – What Is Happening in Washington

Chair: Mrs. Norris Hall
Judge J. M. Braude – Guilty or Not Guilty
Sonya Tamara – Europe Today and Tomorrow
Josephine Roche – Our Stake in Industrial Democracy
Rene Dussaq – A South American’s View of South America
Jan Struther – The Truth About Mrs. Miniver
Clarence Streit – America’s Answer to Mein Kampf

Chair: Mrs. Erwin Schmidt
Dr. Stephen S. Wise – The World Conflict and the Jew
Charlotte Carr – The Changing Settlement Function
Erika Mann – What Price Fascism?
Clark G. Kuebler – Liberalism in the Shadows
Clifton Utley – The War in 1940
Carl Sandburg

Chair: Mrs. Andrew T. Weaver
Raymond Moley – Minding America’s Own Business
Marjorie Hillis – The Art of Gracious Living
Mary Ellen Chase – The Larger Life in Books
Barclay Acheson – As the Clock Ticks
George Raignel – The International Situation
Gordon Enders – Nowhere Else in the World

25th Anniversary Program
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt – American society has failed to meet its obligations to its youth

Chair: Mrs. Harry Moseley
Vera Britton – Women in Transition
Dr. Victor Heiser – More of an American Doctor’s Odyssey
James M. Hepborn – Crime, Its Cause and Prevention
Issac F. Marcosson – Adventures in Interviewing
Señor Salvador de Madariago – The Future of Liberty

Chair:  Miss Blanche Trilling
Phyllis Bentley – Characters from a Novelist’s Viewpoint
J. Frederick Essary – Lifting the Lid in Washington
Rockwell Kent – Art is for Everyone
S. K. Ratcliffe – Present Situation in Europe
Burns Mantle – The Best Plays of the Year
Baroness Ishimoto – The Mission of Women in Japanese Civilization
Sir George Paish – Important Factors in the Struggle for Peace

Chair: Mrs. E. Eugene Neff
Mme. Romola Nijinsky – The Modern Dance Movement
Dorothy Thompson – How Europe Looks Today
Dr. Harley Farnsworth McNair – China and Japan
Gordon MacCreagh – Ethiopia
Irving Fisher – The Value of the Dollar
William Hard – The Capitalistic System
Amelia Earhart – Modern Aviation

Chair: Mrs. C. E. Mendenhall
Margaret Wintringham –The English Program for the Unemployed
Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen – This Business of Diplomacy
Gloria Hollister – With Beebe in Bermuda
Thomas Craven - Modern Art
John Mason Brown – Broadway in Review
Everett Dean Martin – Farewell to Revolution

Chair: Mrs. Walter A. Frautschi
Mary Breckinridge – National Aspects of the Frontier Nursing Service
Hon. Richard von Kuhlmann – Internal and International Positions of Germany
P. F. M. Fellowes – The Conquest of Mt. Everest
Bruce Lockhart – My Personal Relations with the Bolsheviks
Clemence Dane – Drama, in Life and on the Stage
Colonel Raymond Robbins – What’s Ahead in America

Chair: Mrs. H. L. Miller
Merwin K. Hart – What Price Government?
William P. Hapgood – An Experiment in Industrial Democracy
George Sokolsky – America’s Stake in the Far East
Oswald G. Villard – How Can We Reform Our Cities?
Vita Sackville-West – The Modern Spirit in Literature
Frances Homer – Ladies of Destiny

Chair: Mrs. E. Ray Stevens
Stuart Chase – American Civilization vs. Mexican Civilization
Percy H. Boynton – American Culture and Speech
Mary Agnes Hamilton – Can England Come Back?
Frank R. Kent – Politics and Personalities
Maurice Hindus – Russia and the World
Sir William A. Craigie – Icelandic Scenes and Sagas

Chair: Mrs. J. H. Walton
Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes – Decline of Civil Liberty in America
Karl Borders – What is Going On in Present Day Russia
Prof. and Mrs. Ferdinand Schevill – Lecture Recital of Folk Songs
Salvador de Madariago – Free Trades
Dame Rachel Crowdy – The International Aspects of Social Reform
Margaret Mead - Savage Women and Civilized Women

Chair: Miss Lelia Bascom
Eleanor Wembridge – The Young Girl’s Problem
James Welson Johnson – The Negro’s Contribution to American Culture
August Vollmer – Crime and Its Prevention
S. K. Ratcliffe – Great Navies and World Peace
Sumner Slichter – Unemployment
Thornton Wilder – Some Thoughts on Reading 

Chair: Mrs. A. W. Schorger
Chester Lloyd Jones – The Caribbean Policy of the United States
Julia Lathrop – Looking at Child Welfare Work
Boris Brasol – Lawlessness as a Challenge to the U.S.
Henry Brailsford – Cruisers and Co-operation
Padraic Colum – The Impressions of Temporary Lyricism
Dr. H. H. Bartlett - Java
“A Civic Meeting” with Mayor Albert G. Schmedeman, Professor Ernest B. Skinner, and Lewis Mumford

Chair: Mrs. J. A. Aylward
Prof. Max Otto – What Is Man?
Harry A. Franck – What’s Happening in Palestine?
Cornelia Stratton Parker – Travel vs. a College Education
Princess Chinquilla Syud Hossain – Eastern and Western Ideals
Lewis Browne – This Believing World
C. W. Areson – New Values in Child Welfare
Siegfried Prager – National Temperaments Expressed in Civic Music

Chair: Mrs. W. A. Scott
U.W. President Glenn Frank – Diseases of Institutionalism
Cecil Roberts – What Europe Is Thinking
Mme. Pierre Ponifidine – Under the Walls of the Soviet Stronghold
Will Durant – Is Progress Real?
Arthur Guiterman – Song and Laughter
Ralph Barton Perry – The Puritan, a Moral Athlete

Chair: Mrs. C. E. Buell
Demetra Vaka – Turkish Women of Today
Oswald Ryan – Who Shall Inherit the U.S.?
Dorothy Enderes – The Wider Use of the School Plan
Dhan Gopal Mukerji – The Present Crisis in India
Norman Angell – Great Illusions in Current Political Thought
W. W. Ellsworth – Good Books and Best Sellers
Alexander Meiklejohn

Chair: Mrs. Sophie Briggs
Brice Bliven – De-bunking our Politics
Lora Wambaugh – Six Years After Norman Angell
Dean H. S. Richards – Law Enforcement
Alexander Wolcott – Behind the Scenes
George Emerson Francis

Meetings held at Woman’s Club

Chair: Mrs. Carl Tenney
James Schermerhorn – Soul of the City
Aubrey Williams – Adequate Program and Status of State Institutions
Dr. William F. Lorenz – Modern Treatment and Prevention of Mental Diseases
S. K. Ratcliffe/Ramsey MacDonald – The Policy of the Labor Government
Beatrice Forbes/Robertson Hale – Girls of Today and Women of Tomorrow
Dr. Alice Salamon – Social Conditions in the German Republic
Jessie F. Brisford – Protective Social Measures

Chair: Mrs. Burr W. Jones
Señora Carmen de Pinillos – Women in Peru
Madame Pierre Ponafidine – Life in Russia Under the Soviet Regime
Dr. William Lorenz – New (Psychological) Problems of the Ex-Soldier Signora
Olivia Rossetti Agresti – Recent Developments in Italy
W. S. Reynolds – Juvenile Protection
Capt. Westbrook – Modern Police Methods

Chair: Miss Abby Marlatt
Miss Julia Lathrop – What Women Can Do for Themselves
Prof. Edna White – The Pre-School Child
Dr. Caroline Hedger – Problems in Adolescence
Prof. W. H. Kiekhofer – What’s Wrong with the World
Prof. Charles Cestre – France After the War
Prof. Frederic A. Ogg – European Political Situation

Chair: Mrs. Andrew Proudfit
Mrs. James A. Odell – The Evanston Community Kitchen Idea
Prof. Dallas Lore Sharp – Education for Authority
Miss Florence Marshall – Significant Tendencies in Education
Former Governor Emanuel L. Philipp – State Taxation
Whiting Williams – What is on the Working Man’s Mind in US/Great Britain
Dr. Frederick B. Morehead – Public Health

Chair: Mrs. H. S. Johnson
Judge A.C. Backus – Our Duty to our Unfortunates
Mrs. Edmond Brown – Co-operation of Charitable and Philanthropic Agencies
Jens Jensen – Civic Conscience
E. A. Fitzpatrick – What Our City Government Is
Edward F. Devine – The 3R’s: Reaction, Revolution, Reconstruction
Mayor Issac M. Kittleson/Coal Industry Rep. – The Smoke Nuisance
Alvin M. Higgins – American Constitution vs Radicalism

Chair: Mrs. M. B. Rosenberry
Com. General Stuart Fuller – The Far East Consular Service
Mr. Volney Barnes – Experiences on the Western Front
Mr. Carl Tenney – City Schools
Dr. C. McCarthy/Dr. J.S. Evans – Reconstruction in Education
Speakers – For/Against Universal Military Training
Speakers – Socialized Court Work in Madison
Prof. W.A. Scott – The Victory Loan
Miss Helen McDowell – European People Desire Lasting Peace

Chair: Mrs. Dudley Montgomery
Mrs. George Chamberlain – Women Adopt Pledge to Save Food
Miss Maude Van Buren – Launching Madison’s Clean-Up Campaign
Miss Helen Frazier – Women In War - Sacrifices of Britons Never Cease
Dr. Charles McCarthy – The Federal Food Administration
Prof. B.H. Hibbard/Mr. C.A. Lyman – The Marketing & Distribution of Milk
Mrs. Kellogg Fairbanks – Women’s Work in the National Liberty Loan
Miss Kathleen Burke – The Scottish Women’s Hospital
Major E.A. Fitzpatrick – The Draft in Wisconsin
W.N. Fitzgerald – The Fuel Situation
Miss Helen Fraser – French and English Women in the War

Chair: Mrs. Walter Ayer
Lawrence Veiller – NYC author of model Tenement and Housing Law
Six other meetings were held. Multiple issues were discussed.

Chair: Mrs. C. F. Burgess
Prof. John R. Commons – Social insurance
Mrs. Paul E. Woolley of Cincinnati – A cultural program
Others: A Legislative Program, A Housewives’ Questionnaire, A program titled: Our Civic Menace – Smoke

Chair: Mrs. Joseph Jastrow

Chair: Mrs. W. G. Bleyer

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