March 6, 2021

Featured Speakers 

Featured Speakers


Sue Robinson

Dr. Sue Robinson holds the Helen Firstbrook Franklin Professor of Journalism endowed research chair at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Journalism & Mass Communication where she researches and teaches about power and privilege in information flows and media ecologies as well as digital technologies, cultural memory and journalism practice. She consults with and trains both newsrooms and think tanks in how to rebuild trust in mainstream journalism. Her recent book called Networked News, Racial Divides: How Power and Privilege Shape Public Discourse in Progressive Communities (2018, Cambridge University Press) is about how we talk on race in public spaces and the information networks that perpetuate power dynamics and different groups' margination, using Madison, WI, as its major case study.  In this talk, she will lay out how we got to this moment of intense polarization in our news media engagement, why misinformation is winning, what its ramifications are for democracy, and some steps we all might take to bridge these parallel information worlds. 

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